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Kidz Outfitters Physical Store Moving Update

Posted: Nov 19 2016

Kidz Outfitters' owners made a sudden decision recently to close its physical store and focus back into being solely an online store. 

What Does this Mean?
This means Kidz Outfitters is Not Out of Business. We are currently streamlining our operations back into being an online store only and a new physical location will be determined in the future.

What Caused It?
In addition to the slow foot traffic in the area, the physical store has been subjected to two burglaries within one week recently and the same security issue is continuing and experienced by other businesses nearby. We feel that dealing with these issues is unsafe especially for our family with little kids, distractive, ineffective, and limited us from increasing awareness towards our concept.

What Happens to the Items I Dropped Off, Mailed Out, or Consigned?
Your items are kept in order and stored safely in multiple storage units in Uncle Bob's Storage nearby on Spring Cypress Road while we are looking for a location to continue the online operation.

If the items we received are not yet processed, we are returning them to the sellers or consignors, or offering a buy out rate if they prefer.

We have contacted sellers and consignors via phone or email regarding our move. If you have not heard from us, we may not have your contact information available on hand during the process. We are encouraging sellers and consignors to send us a note and we will respond as soon as possible.

There may be a delay in our response as we are currently experiencing high volume of inquiries and prioritizing our move to get our service and processing back on track.

We will make the announcement as soon as we are situated and back in full operations online in the next few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank all our valued customers for their kind consideration.