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Consign with Us

Processing of items we receive is currently on hold to focus our efforts on our online store updates. We are targeting to resume the processing in 4 weeks. 


We Want to Sell Your Good Stuff for You!  

We offer the best rates and have the customers to sell them fast!

Shipping cost is on us and there are no hidden fees! 

Consignment Rates 
Receive high percentage from your item when it's sold!
Effective 2/22/2016

How It Works

Kidz Outfitters Consignment and Selling Process - www.kidzoutfitters.com


Kidz Outfitters Team will review the items you send for acceptance based on our quality standards, product demand, and levels of inventory on hand. For details and guidelines on what we accept for consignment, see What We Sell & Accept page.

Items accepted will be listed based on the brand or designer name, type, materials, size, average brand new price, and resale value based on competitive research and our knowledge of how much we can sell the item for. 
You have the option to receive the payment in cash, Outfits Credit (In-Store Credit of 20% more), or donate to charity of your choice.  

Cash will be issued through PayPal within 3 business days after completion of the sale. Consignors and Sellers must have or create an account with PayPal to receive the payment. (Please notify Kidz Outfitters immediately of any changes to the Paypal information you provided.)

Outfits Credit (In-Store Credit) will be issued after 1-2 business days of processing redeemable at any time for any Kidz Outfitters products in-store or online.

Benefit an Organization If you choose to do so, a check will be issued within 5 business days through Wells Fargo to the name and address of the organization provided on the Outfits Packing Slip.

Kidz Outfitters will facilitate the return of declined items at your expense or the donation to charity.
Want to Consign with Us?
Order an Outfits Bag today!  Be sure to review our Terms of Consignment and How to Sell or Consign pages.