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Frequently Asked Questions


What does Kidz Outfitters sell? We sell new and like new kids clothing, shoes and accessories for ages 0-14 from reputable quality brands and designers at very low prices. 

What are the benefits of buying from Kidz Outfitters? We sell new and like new items from quality brands and designers at up to 70% savings from retail prices. We offer convenience, excellent customer service, and guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back...plus, Free Shipping at $50.00 and Free Returns. See Why Buy from Kidz Outfitters page.

Where does Kidz Outfitters source the items from? Kidz Outfitters facilitates the exchange of outgrown clothing among parents throughout the United States.  They are sent to us and we buy or accept them for consignment if they pass our quality standards. See What We Sell and Accept page.

We also offer brand new items from known quality suppliers.

How Do I Find the Size I Need? Different brands have slightly different size standards. This is especially true with infant items so that, we categorize them by age group. For example in our Size 6 Months Tops category, we would have a 6-9 Months Carter’s and a 6-12 Months Gymboree together. We suggest if you are not familiar with the brand, to look up their sizing to ensure the item will fit your child.

How long does it take to receive the items I ordered? We process the orders within 1-2 business days.  We will ship them to you through USPS Priority Mail expected to arrive within 3-8 business days from date of pick-up depending on your location.

Does Kidz Outfitters accept returns?  We offer Free and Simple Returns process through 30 days from date of purchase! It is also important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not happy with the items you received, we will gladly issue a refund or exchange the items, please visit our Returns/Refunds page for details. 

What is your refund process? After we received and processed your returns, we will notify you through email. If refund is approved, a credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original method of payment within 4-7 business days. Please visit our Returns/Refunds page for details.



How do I consign or sell to Kidz Outfitters?  We are making consigning and selling easy...simply request an Outfits Selling Bag, fill it with the items you would like to consign or sell, and take it to our location or mail back to us.

Kidz Outfitters accepts kids items on consignment or buys outright from parents throughout the United States. We encourage our local customers to visit our location for faster turn-around, we will process the items while you wait. Please visit our How to Sell or Consign page for details.

What items do you accept?  New and like new kids clothes, shoes, and accessories for ages 0-12 from quality brands that are within our quality scale and acceptable criteria. Please visit our What We Sell and Accept page for more details. 

What items do you not accept?  Items that are showing signs of wear (e.g. stains, wash fading, pilling, holes, missing buttons, broken zippers), Recalled, and other specifics. Please visit our What We Sell and Accept page for more details. 

Do you accept items that are not in season? Yes, we accept out of season items. 

How competitive is Kidz Outfitters buying prices? We offer competitive consignment rate and buying prices basing on the brand, clothing type, materials, size, average brand new price, and resale value based on our competitive research. We also take into consideration how much we can sell the item for and our operational costs. 

What do you accept for consignment?  We are now accepting items that qualify our Better Brands and Upscale Brands classifications, in addition to Designers.   Please visiting our Consignment with Us page for more details.

How much does it cost to sell or consign to Kidz Outfitters? Nothing.  Simply request an Outfits Bag and drop it off at our location for faster turn around or mail it back with the included pre-paid USPS Priority Mail postage label.

How long does it take to receive the mailing bag? We will mail it you through USPS within 1 business day of receiving your request. It takes about 3-4 business days after to receive it, depending on your location.

How long does it take to process the items I sent? No appointments needed if you take your filled Outfits Bag at our location, we will look through your items while you wait.

We will provide a USPS Priority Mail prepaid postage label if you choose mailing. We expect to receive the filled Outfit Bags within 3-4 business days and we process them within 1-3 business days after receipt. An invoice will be emailed to you showing what we accept and the payout amount.

How are you going to pay me for the items you accepted? Sellers and Consignors will get cash, 20% more for in-store credit, or donate to charity of their choice

How will I receive the payment for the items I sent that are accepted? We will pay you through Paypal or send a check through Wells Fargo to the name and address of the organization you want to benefit.

Why should I sell to Kidz Outfitters instead of local resale shops, eBay, or Facebook?  Selling your items with them will either take a lot of your time or costs you on shipping. Kidz Outfitters is making selling easy at no cost to you, plus we offer competitive buying prices and consignment rates.

My items are new with tags, why are the buying prices a lot lower than the original prices?  Resale shopping typically offers items at a fraction of brand new prices, even lower than retail sale prices. We also take into consideration the brand, type of clothing, materials, and how much we can sell the items for. 

Why did you not accept all of my items? We would love to buy all the items from but we also have to ensure that our shoppers are excited and happy with their purchase. We examine the items we receive closely for any signs of wear and only accept the ones that are within our acceptable / sellable quality scale and criteria.  

Do you return the items you don’t buy? Yes. We will contact you regarding the postage if you chose to have them sent back. Due to storage limitations, we are only able to hold the items for a very limited time. They will be donated to charity if we do not hear from you within a given time frame. 

Does Kidz Outfitters benefit from the items I donate?  We can assure you that we absolutely do not benefit from them. We provide our benefitting charity a list of donors and number of items donated. 

Can I request a receipt for the items I donated? Yes, please contact our charity partner directly.