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How to Sell or Consign



Kidz Outfitters is making resale easy...no more appointments, no surprises! Simply request an Outfits Bag then mail it back or drop it off at our location. What better way to turn outgrown kids  clothing into cash, their next sizes, or make room in your closet?  

Here's How:
1.  Review our Consign with Us or Sell to Us pages and Terms of Consignment, if applicable.
2.  Request an Outfits Bag.  
3.  Pick the items (clean, fresh smelling, and wrinkle-free only) you want to consign or sell.
4.  Fill out and sign the packing slip. 
5.  Place the items and the signed packing slip in the bag.
6.  For mailing, affix postage label and give it to the USPS mailman.
7.  For faster turn around, drop the bag at our location.
8.  Keep the confirmation receipt and tracking number.   

Outfits Bag  They are extra large poly mailers of 19"x 24" dimension to allow you to send a large number of items. Please avoid overfilling to keep it from bursting open while in transit.     

Outfits Packing Slip Please be sure to include the signed Outfits Packing Slip in the bag. We will not process the items without it and processing will be delayed until provided. 

Postage Label  We will send you a pre-paid postage label with the Outfits Bag. A tracking number is printed on the label.

Items You Send Us  We will process your items within 1-3 business days after receipt.  You will then receive an email summary of what we accept, payout amount if you are selling, items we are unable to accept and their issues. 

Payments You may choose to receive the payment in Cash through Paypal, Outfits Credit (in-store credit) or Donate to a charitable organization of your choice. You must have or create an account with PayPal to receive the payment. 

Declined Items  We will contact you regarding the postage if you choose to have them sent back. Due to storage limitations, we are only able to hold the items for a limited time. They will be donated to charity if we do not hear back from you within a given time frame.  

Note:  Consignors and Sellers must take reasonable care that the items being sent will comply with our quality guidelines and acceptance criteria. If upon reviewing the contents of the Outfits Bag it is determined that it was not done so, the items will be disposed of and we will no longer provide inbound pre-paid postage to the Consignor or Seller.

Donated Items  We send the items to the charity we support with a list of donors and donation details. Donation receipts may be directly requested from them.  See Charity We Support Page for more details.