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Our Story

Just like other moms and dads, we work hard to provide for our precious little ones and plan for their future. We understand how expensive it can be to raise kids and how little time we have for other things. We want to give them the best and for them to look great.

In Fall 2013, we needed new clothes for our two little girls and realized that we accumulated several bags of slightly used kids clothes. Some were new with tags but none fit anymore. "It would be nice if we could exchange these for the sizes they need.", I said to my husband. I found that it takes too much time and effort to take them to typical resale shops or posting online for how much we can get. 

Thinking that all parents have the same experience, I began my research. Some things can be done and done better so that providing for this basic need to our kids does not have to empty our wallets. A dollar saved here and there can be used for other needs and saved for their future. 

I also learned about the astounding amount of textile waste in North America that ends up in landfills. Children's used clothing makes up a good portion of this waste. Since kids go through them quickly, we are left with clothes that still have so much life in them. They should not be wasted as they can be passed along for other kids to enjoy, help parents save money, and support community efforts.

Inspired by our little ones, practicality, helping others, and environmental consciousness the idea came into light. To provide quality kids clothing cheaper than retail prices by providing a clean, simple and convenient clothing exchange alternative. To encourage more parents to save, share, and help reduce waste. Collaborating with my husband Adrian Alfonso, we brainstormed for a name...then Kidz Outfitters began.  

Come take a tour and join us!  We would like to share with you the joy of having well-dressed kids in a budget, community, and earth friendly way. 

Warm Regards,  

    Founder and Director